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. . . if you welcome good and godly people because of their godliness, you will be given a reward like theirs.      (Matthew 10:41)


A Greeter is often the first person we meet on the way into church, perhaps the only person with whom we have a chance to chat, and the one who wishes us well as we depart, prepared to live our faith during the week ahead.


Greeters are present outside church to welcome newcomers and enable them to find their way; they are there to greet regular parishioners and help them feel at home; they are there to give directions, provide handouts, and be Christ's welcoming embrace to all who come to worship God and be fed at the Table of the Lord. 


At Our Lady of Refuge, our Adopt-a-Door program needs families and individuals to volunteer for the ministry of Greeter at all weekend Masses. It's easy and enjoyable: Greeters arrive 20 minutes before Mass, don their badges, smile, and GREET friends, fellow parishioners and newcomers. 


At the end of Mass, Greeters once again stand near their adopted doors, hand out materials if necessary, and wish everyone well in the week ahead. We need Greeters who are teens, young adults, families with children, Senior Citizens, and everyone in between.


Wouldn't you like to welcome Christ into your home? You can do it as a Greeter by welcoming fellow members of Christ's Body each week at Church! Please call: 

Liturgy Office at (562) 597-3102