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Parish Environmentalists

Parish environmentalists have always known that God is calling them to deal with much more than just arranging flowers. At Our Lady of Refuge, the Environment Team works to ensure that worshipers feel spiritually uplifted, visually enriched, and graciously welcomed in our church. Guided by an experienced, professional leader, the Team plans and prepares settings appropriate to each liturgical season within the gathering and assembly spaces of our church. 


Their work requires sensitivity to scriptural themes and symbols, a basic knowledge of liturgical rites and furnishings, an appreciation of good design principles, willingness to grow both spiritually and artistically, and respect for the Church's guidelines in preparing worship spaces. Volunteers are trained and share responsibilities with one another throughout the liturgical year as part of a friendly and energetic Team.


If you would like to assist in this very creative ministry, please contact: 
Debbie Wolf 
(562) 493-2012