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Bible Study

About Bible Study

Bible Study sessions take place on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:45, in the Parish Library (across the parking lot from the Church).


The sessions will conclude the second week of June, followed by a summer recess until the Fall. Anyone 18 years or older can join the group. There is a charge for the sessions depending on the cost of the book to be studied. Also there is a homework assignment for each session. We need to be reading Scripture every day so that we can grow steadily in our faith, in our ability to hear God when He speaks to us, in our ability to pray in a way to get our prayers answered.


Why join Bible Study?


Just as we cannot remain physically healthy by eating food once a week, we cannot remain spiritually healthy by touching base with God once a week. God wants to be an intimate part of our lives and no intimacy can arise out of a one hour a week contact.


Our bishops urge us to read, study and reflect on Sacred Scripture in which "the Father who is in heaven meets his children with great love and speaks with them . . ." (Vatican II Constitution on Divine Revelation, No. 21). Jesus is not only someone to be studied but someone to be met and lived with every day.


Since its beginning, the Bible Study program at OLR has used a dynamic method of combining Scripture study with prayer to teach people how to read, understand, and--above all-- to apply God's Word to daily life, transforming mere believers into "doers of the Word." And we don't have to be experts to discover the message God holds for us in His Word.


We welcome anyone who loves God and wants to know more about His Word. We invite you to join one of our Bible Studies where you will learn to share the very life of Jesus on earth right here and now, discover what purpose He has for your life, and learn how to access all the limitless resources of God available to you.


History of Bible Study at OLR


In the late 60's two women, Dorothy Towne and Betty Ruddell had answered a persistent call from the Lord to study His Word and pass it on to their Catholic brothers and sisters. Unbeknownst to one another, they each enrolled in Bible Study Fellowship in the Long Beach area. On the last day of their 5-year pursuit, they discovered one another and set out to bring Bible Study to Catholics in Long Beach.


In 1976, upon hearing a Bible Study promotional talk by Dorothy, a member of Our Lady of Refuge, Carol Cusator, went immediately to the pastor, Msgr. Daly, and asked for permission to have a Bible Study at the parish. Monsignor agreed. So on June 1, 1976, Bible Study was born at OLR and has remained in operation to this day.