Faith Direct eGiving

You can set your weekly or monthly offertory contribution - and never have to scramble again to find your checkbook, your church envelopes, or some cash. You can have the peace of mind that you are actively and personally participating in the offertory at weekly Mass. Your contributions can be draw from a checking or credit account - just as many people do with monthly bills.
Simply type Faith Direct in your search engine or go to or go to the OLR website at and click the Faith Direct eGiving Program in our quick links - and you are minutes away from being assured of hassle-free e-giving from that point forward.  It could not be more convenient - and your faithful giving will be automatically recorded when tax season rolls around.  Faith Direct will send you personalized Offertory Contribution Cards you can drop in the basket each week, in lieu of money.  Their are enrollment forms in the vestibules - and hard copies can be mailed directly to Faith Direct or you can call their toll free help line on 866-507-8757.