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6.19.2022 10am Feast of Corpus Christi
6.12.2022 10am Mass Most Holy Trinity
6.5.2022 10am Pentecost Sunday
6.05.2022 10am Livestream
1st mass
6.05.2022 8am Mass Livestream Pentecost Sunday
5-29-2022 10am Mass The Ascension of the Lord
5-28-2022 Janis Ann Krantz - Celebration of Life
5.22.2022 - 10am Mass 6th Sunday of Easter
5.22.2022 - 8am Livestream Mass 6th Sunday of Easter
5.01.2022 - 8 a.m. Livestream Mass 3rd Sunday of Easter
April Mass
2-27-2022 8am Livestream 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
6-11-2021 5p.m.
********** First Communion 2020 ************** 1st comm8:30 a.m. Mass Sept. 19, 2020
25 years ago
4th Graders Card
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