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Small Church Communities

There are many reasons to consider joining Small Church Communities.  

- Your spirit will be lifted - and your grasp of your faith will be strengthened

- You’ll be with super people – people who care about you

- You’ll be able to relate very personally to the Word of God

- You’ll make the kinds of friends we all need more of

- You’ll enjoy yourself and the others you are with

There are five groups that meet on various weeknights and one group meets during the day.  Meetings typically last about 90 minutes.  Sessions are casual, light, and always uplifting.
Groups meet once weekly during Advent and Lent.  Typically, groups increase in size during Advent and Lent – and some groups stay together and meet every other week all year.  Announcements are made at the end of Masses and sign-up tables are set up just outside church at Masses the weekend before Advent and Lent.  

At the core of our format during Advent and Lent, time is taken to read and discuss the two readings and Gospel for the upcoming Sunday Mass.  This dramatically improves what we understand about the messages within Scripture and what the Priest shares during his homily.

Here's what some of our parishioners have said about Small Church Communities:

It really helped me to understand the Bible readings better

It makes the readings at Mass mean so much more

I enjoy getting together with my friends and making new friends

I feel like we're all learning so much together

I better understand what is said during his homily, having discussed the readings

The whole experience, the readings, conversation, prayer, make me feel closer to God

The Small Church Communities (SCC) ministry has been active at Our Lady of Refuge for over twenty years. Small Church provides an excellent opportunity to gather and meet fellow parishioners in the comfort of one’s home or in the conference room on the church campus.

Just as was the case in the first century when the first Christian faith groups formed, we gather – we share – we serve.  We grow close and stronger in our faith with the personal support of others.  

Come see why dozens of participants in Small Church feel they have a closer relationship with God and Our Lady of Refuge.  We are here for you!  

While most new sign-ups occur just before Advent and Lent, you are welcome to contact us at any time.  Everyone is welcome. 

 For information, please call Steve Lang on (714) 600-0817