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Welcome to Faith Formation

Welcome! Our Lady of Refuge is a Catholic Community that welcomes all: cradle Catholics, converts, and seekers. You will find a group, a program, a process led by our pastor and parishioners wanting to accompany you on your faith journey. Living and growing in faith is a lifelong experience. We are never finished discovering more about our Loving God through the people we meet and through our life events.
Life can be compared to a tapestry. Our experiences are like pieces of rich colored fabric, woven in as we move through our various seasons. There are positive and negative pieces that are added. But we believe faith makes the difference. Our faith community is like the background cloth of the tapestry. It firmly holds together all the pieces, the joys and the challenges. Grace is the stitching that firmly tethers it all together. All, the good and the bad, are a part of who we are, the dark and the light colors, the textures of our lives makes a beautiful tapestry. We have the traditional religious education classes for your children and specialized opportunities for those not fitting into the traditional age time frame. There are many opportunities for adult faith formation and many opportunities to share your faith. The best way to grow in your faith is to teach, to pass it on to others. We hope you will find what you are looking for. Be assured that you are welcome!