OLR Mid-Week Message - November 18, 2020

Confessions are Saturday 3 – 3:45 P.M. in the Garden of the School of Religious Education

Weekend Masses: SA 4:00 P.M., SU 8:00 A.M., SU 10 A.M.

Daily Mass: 8 A.M. (M, Tu, W)


Father Gerard is out of town.


Dear Parishioners,


People living in the blessed United States should not go to bed hungry. And yet because of the pandemic and loss of jobs, we know that many are experiencing hunger even in our own neighborhoods.


We sometimes wonder what one person can do. I have a favorite saying, "All of us together are better than any one of us alone." We each have been given gifts/talents but not just for our own sakes. We have been given gifts/talents to use to share to build up the Body of Christ or, to say it another way, we have been given talents for the common good. 


Some have been given beautiful voices that can inspire. Some have a talent to play musical instruments. My grandson was playing piano, without knowing how to read music.  He would just sit down on the piano bench and begin to casually play. Eventually a piano teacher made him learn to read music but the raw talent, that ear for music, was there from a very young age. Some have an ease in learning foreign languages. Some are organizers, some are "born" leaders, and some are willing hands but need direction. "All of us together are better than any one of us alone."  So, no matter our gifts/talents, this weekend before Thanksgiving we have an opportunity to join together to share food at the level of which we are capable. Yes, we will pause to give thanks for all we have been given. Maybe it will not be in the usual way we have celebrated in the past because of Covid-19. But we can still give thanks and can express our thanks by reaching out to those in need. If each parishioner brings a few cans of food, together we will make a significant donation to help those who are struggling (maybe for the first time) with food insecurity. I've noticed the incredible generosity of our OLR parishioners whenever we are informed of a need. 


Thank you for your grace-filled hearts that lead to action, 

Shirl Giacomi, DRE


Please remember in your prayers: Barbara Schmidt and Ruben Olmos.


Food Collection: On Sunday, November 22, 7:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M., we are collecting food for the less fortunate. Enter the parking lot on Stearns and exit to Los Coyotes Diagonal to deliver food. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE FOOD AT THE CHURCH OR RECTORY. Except for those attending the 4 P.M. Mass on Saturday, collection is only on Sunday morning. If you are attending Mass, you may leave your donations on the tables by the chapel. Some suggested items include stuffing (special request), canned vegetables, packaged foods (rice, pasta, beans), gravy/broth, canned meats, and peanut butter and jelly. Please, no glass containers or expired food! Volunteers are still welcome. Contact Shirl (562) 597-3102


Reception of Sacraments: Are you a Catholic adult who hasn't received Confirmation? Our Lady of Refuge offers a special Confirmation Preparation program for all those adults who want to receive this sacrament. In order to find out if you are eligible for this special program, please contact the Office of Religious Education at 562-597-3102 to sign up for an interview. Sessions will be on Zoom until Covid-19 numbers permit in-person meetings and will be Wednesday nights from 7:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. beginning January 21, 2021, and running for 14 weeks. Space is limited, so don't wait!  


Mark your calendars:

Sunday, November 22            7:30 — 11:30 A.M.      Food Collection

Thursday, November 26         9:30 A.M.                    Thanksgiving Mass

Th & F, Nov 26-27                                                       Church, School and Religious Ed offices closed

Sunday, November 29                                                First Sunday of Advent

Tuesday, December 8             8 :00 A.M.                   Mass for Immaculate Conception (Holy day)

Saturday, December 12          4:00 P.M.                    Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe

Thursday, December 24         4:00 P.M.                    Christmas Vigil Mass

Friday, December 25              8:00 & 10:00 A.M.      Christmas Day Masses


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OLR website -- https://www.ourladyofrefuge.org

Betty Guevara, Parish Secretary -- betty@start.olrs.org

Shirl Giacomi, Director of Religious Education -- dre@start.olrs.org

(562) 597-3102           9 A.M. -- 3 P.M. (M-F)

Donnie Green, OLRS Interim Principal -- principal@start.olrs.org

OLR Catholic School -- (562) 597-0819     7:30 A.M. -- 3 P.M. (M-TH), 7:30 A.M. -- 1 P.M. (F)

5210 E. Los Coyotes Diagonal, Long Beach, CA  90815

Team Refuge -- Holly Cavallaro, Coordinator (562) 822-9191

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