Fr. Gerard Makes Announcement

Greetings my good friends,

During the week I heard from Mr. Green that he is leaving our school for a new position at Santa Margarita High School in Orange County. Of course I was very upset and sad hearing this news, but, when I listened to Mr. Green’s reasoning, I realized through the Grace of God, he was making the right decision.

Our Lady of Refuge was so blessed to have Mr. Green guide us all through the unbelievable year of Covid. As I shared with the faculty today, being a Principal is not an easy job and having to lead during the pandemic put pressure on the most seasoned principals; Mr. Green is on his second year as Principal. He is a spectacular leader with unbelievable gifts. I recall last Christmas and his visits to your homes as Santa Claus; it brought joy to my heart, one example of a caring and loving servant leader.

So now we say farewell to this special gift that God gifted our parish for over one year. We send him forward with the blessings of this parish and school community that he will be very happy in his new assignment.

May Our Lady of Refuge protect him as she protects all of us. Amen.

Now to some Good News! I offered the position of Interim Principal to our 8th Grade Teacher Mrs. Margaret Kennedy and she was delighted to accept the challenge. Since arriving in this parish nearly three years ago, I have been so impressed by her professionalism in teaching, that spirit and love of the Catholic school mentality. It radiates from her.

Mrs. Kennedy has the privilege of having taught three of our present teachers in the school, Mr. Romano, Mr. Ritter, and Mr. Holmquist at St .Cornelius. What a blessing that is!

Please let us welcome Mrs. Kennedy as our new Interim Principal.  May Our Lady of Refuge guide and bless her. Amen.

Lots of love,
Fr. Gerard


Video Message from Mr. Green -