Ribbon Wall - Names of our departed beloved final weekend

Advent Wreaths are a beautiful Christian tradition to share with your family.  A candle (three purple and one rose) is lit each week before Christmas at meal time or bed prayer time to remind us of what we are preparing for--the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Besides all of the other preparations we make at Christmas, what can we do to get ready, to prepare our hearts for this great feast?  There are many lovely secular traditions around Christmas. Most of us have Chrisrtmas trees.  But did you know the lights on the tree represent the light of Christ? And if you don't have one, a nativity set is the perfect way to talk with your children and eventually let them tell you the nativity story.  
We will be selling two Advent candle sets: one set includes 4 votive, (tea light) candles with with an Advent prayer card for $6.  We also have a set of 4 tapered candles and a gold colored metal table top fixture to secure the candles for $12.  We have limited numbers of each so take advantage of this opportunity to prepare the way of the Lord with this teaching tool -- to  to talk about and be reminded of the real reason for Christmas.    
Shirl Giacomi, DRE (Director of Religious Education)
Our Lady of Refuge Catholic Church
562 597-3102