Drop-off of Used Batteries

Living Laudato Sí at OLR


There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions, and it is wonderful how education can bring about real changes in lifestyle."

~Pope Francis, Laudato Sí, 211



Did you know that in 2015 Pope Francis released an encyclical called Laudato Sí: Care of our Common home? This official letter to the church outlined seven goals for Catholics, and all citizens of the Earth, to bring about a greater connection to and stewardship of God’s creation, and to understand how small actions can have big impacts on the health of our planet and the lives of our brothers and sisters all across the globe. Here at Our Lady of Refuge, we take this call seriously, and so we will be sharing in the bulletin periodic suggestions for real actions that we can take as a church community to care for our common home.


This month, the Confirmation class is leading an effort to keep our batteries out of landfills. Those little cylinders that power our remote controls, clocks, and fun talking toys are extremely toxic when they are not safely disposed of. When old batteries are left in regular trash disposal, eventually they corrode and the chemicals that make them work leak out into the ground, eventually making their way to the groundwater! Beyond direct environmental impacts, Batteries disposed of in regular trash have also been known to cause fires putting the drivers of disposal trucks at risk. 


Confirmation year one student Wyatt Mueller has made used battery collection boxes which are now located in the side vestibules and he will be coordinating with the office of Councilwoman Susie Price to ensure their safe disposal. So, instead of trashing your batteries, save them and drop them off when you come to mass! This small action can make a big difference to the health of God’s creation and our community.


If you have an idea for Living Laudato Sí at OLR, please contact Shirl Giacomi, Director of Faith Formation and OLR’s Laudato Sí Representative at-- [email protected]  and (562) 597-3102