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Young Ladies Institute

The Young Ladies' Institute (YLI) is an organization of Catholic women dedicated to the Christian principles of charity and love. YLI was founded in San Francisco, September 5, 1887 by three young women who were inspired to help a friend who was ill and without financial means. Although the scope and jurisdiction of YLI have expanded over the years, the purpose -- to help others -- remains constant. The history reflects a sisterly care and concern for each other and of those in need.


Today, more than 115 years after the organization’s founding, Chapters can be found in 108 communities in California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii.


St. Pius X Institute No. 211

Women of Our Lady of Refuge parish belong to St. Pius X Institute No. 211 of YLI. This Institute was established in the early days of the founding of Our Lady of Refuge, and it will soon celebrate its fiftieth anniversary.


Members of St. Pius X meet on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month in the parish cafeteria to plan and implement their activities. They communicate with each other on an ongoing basis through a monthly newsletter and an active Telephone and E-Mail Committee which transmits information and prayer requests to the membership.


Each year St. Pius X Institute sends two delegates to the Annual YLI Convention, hosted in different areas each year – California, Hawaii, Oregon or Washington. The delegates are Official Members of Grand Institute for a year, with the voting power relating to all matters regarding the business of running the organization. Members attend several religious ceremonies and enjoy exciting social events that promote their dedication and commitment as a spiritual, social and charitable group of Catholic women.


St. Pius X Institute’s three-fold work of spiritual growth, charitable activities and fundraising are described below.


Spiritual Growth

YLI meetings begin with members praying the rosary. Two members pray a perpetual novena each day throughout the year. Through this prayer Jesus and Our Lady are asked to intercede on behalf of members, the Church worldwide and all persons in need.


An Annual Mass brings members together to celebrate the founding of the Institute, and each Quarter of the year, members and their husbands gather for a Communion Sunday.

Members of Pius X Institute are active in the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Women (ACCW), and at least two sisters attend all meetings and conferences.


When a YLI sister or a family member dies, members participate in the Mass of Resurrection and funeral service, and have Masses offered for the repose of the deceased.


Outreach and Works of Charity

Through St. Pius X Institute’s fundraising efforts, a number of charities are benefited. Some of the charities receiving help are:

  • Meals on Wheels, Precious Life Shelter and the Golden Jubilee Burse will benefit from Quarterly donations.
  • St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo will receive a donation to help support the education of young men studying for the priesthood.
  • The Grand President’s program
  • The Newman Club at California State University at Long Beach will receive financial help.
  • First Communion outfits are given to children in need of help.
  • Outreach to the homeless is an important act of charity. Each first Thursday of the month sisters of St. Pius X Institute prepare 100 sack lunches in their own home kitchens for distribution to the homeless. 
  • St. Pius X’s Sunshine Committee sends personally signed cards of cheer and prayer to absent members who are ill and in need of moral support.
  • Following the death of a YLI sister or family member, sisters from the St. Pius X Institute provide a reception for the family and friends of the deceased
  • Members attend Quarterly Communion Masses in the many parishes of the members.


Fundraising Events


The many charitable works of St. Pius X institute are funded through various events and activities throughout the year. Fundraising is not only an opportunity to raise money for the needy; it is also a means whereby members can enjoy each other’s company and deepen bonds of friendship with each other. Some of the major fundraising events of the past are listed below.
      - Garage Sale 
      - Bus trips are planned to a casino
      - Holiday Salad Luncheon 
      - Annual Theatre Party is the largest fundraiser of the year. 
Members, spouses, friends and supporters help YLI’s many charities.