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Adult Confirmation

First... A Special Note about Adult Confirmation


Regular Adult Confirmation Preparation Process:

If you are an Adult Catholic who has not received the Sacrament of Confirmation, we can help!  Adults looking to be confirmed are welcome to join our regular Adult Faith Formation process.  We run a year-round process, which means you can join us and begin the process whenever you are ready.


Adult Faith Formation sessions are held:

Wednesday's from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
in the Religious Education Center

5210 Los Coyotes Diagonal



If you are not a member of the Our Lady of Refuge Parish Community

but are seeking information about Adult Confirmation, please
click here


Accelerated Adult Confirmation Preparation Process:


Also, for those who qualify, we offer an "accelerated" preparation process (which runs in conjunction with our regular formation process on Wednesday nights).  We do this once a year starting in January and run through the Spring (approximately 13-15 weeks depending on that year's calendar and the scheduled date for Parish Confirmation).  To participate in this expedited process, you must meet certain eligibility requirements:


  • Be a registered parishioner at Our Lady of Refuge
  • Be age 21 or older
  • Have your certificate of Baptism (even if it was received here at Our Lady of Refuge)
  • Have your certificate of First Communion  (even if it was received here at Our Lady of Refuge)
  • Be free of any Sacramental Impediments (such as marital status)
  • Have a sponsor who is a fully initiated Catholic in good standing


Those who wish to participate in this accelerated process must be pre-qualified with the Office of Adult Faith Formation PRIOR to the first session.  Contact us to schedule a phone interview.


Because this is an expedited process, candidates must be prepared to attend all the sessions every Wednesday. 


All candidates who successfully complete their sacramental preparation, whether through the expedited process or the regular process, will be eligible to receive Sacrament of Confirmation when our Regional Bishop comes to Our Lady of Refuge in the Spring during the Easter Season.


All Confirmation Candidates need to have copies of their certificates for Baptism and First Communion.  If this documentation is lost, candidates must contact the parish where those Sacraments were received and request a duplicate copy or other official form of verification (even if the Sacrament was at Our Lady of Refuge).  Some parishes charge a nominal fee for this service.  Copies of these certificates are required at the time of registration. If you have any problems or other issues with getting these certificates, please contact the Office of Adult Faith Formation for assistance.


The fee for the book and other materials is $75 


To register, or if you have any questions:

Contact the Office of Adult Faith Formation:
Email: [email protected]

Call:  Office of Religious Education:  (562) 597-3102


Adult Confirmation preparation sessions offered by the San Pedro Regional Office of Religious Education:

The San Pedro Regional office will occasionally offer Adult Confirmation preparation sessions in cooperation with other parishes in the San Pedro Region.  These sessions are offered in English and Spanish, typically in the Fall (September through December) and in the Spring (January through April).  Additional information on these sessions is available from the Archdiocesan website:


You can also contact the OLR Office of Adult Faith Formation.


Individuals looking to participate in one of these Regionally sponsored sessions MUST BE PRE-QUALIFED BY THE PARISH as part of the registration process... so contact our Office of Adult Faith Formation if you are interested in any preparation sessions offered outside of OLR.